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by ErMaoWu

I agree that being a specific type of fan-art, the curve by which anyone judges this is a bit lower in a category, but I think it fair ...

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Puff Most Epic Ch. 2 P. 8
Part 8: Circuit Breaker
  The forecast called for a very favorable day. The sky was bright, the clouds were lithe and pale, and the wind was cool and slight. Buttercup was unusually calm at that moment, staring through the fissure between the two curtains on the open-air stage. She looked up at the sky, bright and blue; and down at the trees, radiant and green; the people, up and energetic.
  And yet there was that lingering feeling in the crowd of uncertainty that she could just barely feel trickling through the crowd and over center stage, nipping at her feet, sending a chill up her spine. What everyone was uncertain about... well, she could only guess. Being called here out of the blue with barely a week's notice was unnatural and suspicious on its own. And when Miss Bellum refused to divulge any clear details, she knew people would have their doubts.
  But when Miss Bellum did something, she didn't half-ass it. Everything she did or didn't was for a re
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Puff Most Epic Ch. 2 P. 7
Part Seven - The Reunion Arena
The cry reached her, and her spine shivered and her chest quaked, all muscles going rigid. Eyes blank, mouth agape, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think. She wanted to move. She wanted to think. Yet she could only see. Fresh paint on the wall. Time crawled.
The wrapping tore freely, and peeled away from the cover, revealing her present: a book. She clutched it tightly, smiling as she thanked him.
Winter had come to Townsville in all its white, ebullient glory. Blossom threw a snowball, and the Professor deflected it with his arm, and then threw one back. She ducked but it grazed her bow. He laughed, and she laughed.
The three of them lifted him into the air, soaring higher and higher. He laughed and hollered as they dove in one side of a cloud and out the other, sucking the cloud along their backs as they tore through it. He blinked his eyes clear and laughed harder. He hadn't said a word, but she knew he loved his Father's Day gift.
Hard reality came
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Puff Most Epic Ch. 2 P. 6
Part Six - Sliding Walls
  Julian Stepps, CEO of Stepps Enterprises, more commonly known to some only as Boss, walked through a seedy warehouse, about a mile from the docks. Nearly three hundred undocumented workers were grinding and blending, diluting and distilling, and he observed their work with some interest and approval. He was flanked by two thuggish Hispanic bodyguards wearing suits and sunglasses. They followed him up to the double-doors, and he pushed them open. The stairs led up to the office, overlooking everything. Before they even got inside, a pale fellow wearing a knit cap, a windbreaker, ratty jeans and sneakers jumped to his feet from a chair, running up to him. "Boss! Boss! Things messed up dude!!"
  One of his men on the street. Good worker, never questioned orders, always got the job done; an asset to his goals. Otherwise an annoyance. He held up his hands, waving them gently. "Now calm down, Paul, get your thoughts in line. Now, what's the prob
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I agree that being a specific type of fan-art, the curve by which anyone judges this is a bit lower in a category, but I think it fair to judge the structural qualities independently of that idea.

So, to begin with: there is a sense of impressionism in the structure of this piece, that is: the majority of the piece's shapes are way less concrete and more "suggestions" of the shapes that exist.

The intention behind this conveys a sense of distance between the primary character and the world she exists within, to a point where our eyes are naturally drawn to *her* eyes.
The main characters' eyes are where we are drawn towards because they are concrete and detailed with lighting reflections that the rest of the piece's blurriness simply does not have. This is a powerful point in the picture that I like quite a lot.
Her expression is one of excitement and preparation. The toothiness of her grin means she's happy to be engaged in this fight, despite the exertion evident in her sweat.

Notably, the other characters have a similar layer of visual clarity to them, despite their impressionistic level of detail: they are very defined and have a lot of shape to them even though a lot of the piece lacks those details.
I think personally that this takes a little away from the blurriness of the rest of the picture, because what I gather the point of the piece happens to be oriented around how the primary character - sitting in the shadows preparing for her next fight - is experiencing the paint battle.

Though an argument could be made for her focus being on those characters, so they might have more detail to them from her perspective, so it still works as an idea.

They seem to have fairly appropriate lighting, I think that for the detail on the green Inkling boy, the lighting feels a bit hurried, but I'm not that well-trained on seeing the impact of lighting as much as I am color.

The colors here are striking and imposing, and while I think that the green in particular shifts a bit too harshly when it goes into the shadow, the majority of the piece has a lovely shiny edge to its impressionism: which is impressive because a lot of the piece is in shadow.

A lot of the paint splotches are drawn, to me, too intentionally to be as random as they might actually be in the fight, the sense that they're fluid impacts is a bit absent, but to be fair, this does contribute somewhat to the impressionism, so it's not all bad as an idea.

The character poses are fantastic in that they move, from left to right, in decreasing action: One character is dynamically moving, the middle character is reacting with activity (but significantly less than the first character), and the principle character is unmoving but *preparing*.
Add in the fact that the characters do this in a sort of "cone" shape, growing bigger as we go right, and this is another thing that ultimately draws us to the gleam in the main character's eyes.

A very good effort at conveying a character's thrill in an active and physical competition that relies mostly on the singular detail of shine in the main pink Inkling girl's eyes.
This pays off as we move to her eyes and then back out: our own eyes end up darting around the picture, much like the Inkling Girl would be in order to assess how to approach the combat situation with which she is having so much fun. C:

Good work, ErMao. :0)
It only took a full maternity term, but another update to PME is now out!…


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megashroomx Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Hey with season 5 airing, I gotta ask; is there going to be an explanation on how Jack came to be in megaville and will Aku make an appearance?
BeeAre Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017   Writer
Oh, there will be an explanation, and sure: Aku will be in it by necessity, but it will likely be mostly unaltered from what I was going to do anyhow. I've had to adjust canons from other cartoons, and I suspect this will be no different from those.
Enigmus-288 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
Hey buddy in PPGD what ever happened to good old MOJO JOJO!! For the Powerpuff girls can't not go on without their arch enemy Mojo jojo. As Mojo jojo is their ultimate enemy from the start of their adventure and their days as superheroes and crime stopping kids. Without Mojo jojo you cannot move on, proceed, continue on a Powerpuff Girls comic, story, plot with out MOJO JOJO!! (Get it, understand, concur)?
BeeAre Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017   Writer
Do not worry that the greatness of MOJO JOJO will be overlooked in its entirety, for the importance of MOJO JOJO cannot be understated to the girls, given that he is as you said: "their ultimate enemy", and to forget that MOJO JOJO was this important character would be a disservice to the continuity of the show, a misstep to forget his, MOJO JOJO's, necessity. Therefore you will be pleased to know that MOJO JOJO will be appearing again, he shall make another appearance that satisfies the continuity, MOJO JOJO has a part to play, a role to fulfill, he is a piece to the puzzle, and MOJO JOJO will not, can not, and shall not be forgotten or lost, because he is MOJO JOJO.
Enigmus-288 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
alright okay that's good....that is REALLY good!! For the PPG cannot truly fight the bad guys if MOJO JOJO is not going to be apart, involved, and participating as YOU said for he is....MOJO JOJOOOO!!  
Unidad26 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
good day sr, i was wondering, since you already know were the comic will go and so on, after is done will there be a continuation or a different project? if you don't mind me asking
BeeAre Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017   Writer
There are always projects, and there will always be things to do. :0)
kawaii-kittieblue Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So you're the writer of PPGD? I got some question. There are some error in the comic that haven't been explain or doesn't make any sense.

1) In chapter 1 when professor said to the girl that they needed to move on and can't live Townsville forever. Why are they shown to be living their house in Townsville??? Even though professor imply to the girl that they had move out to live in megaville. Wouldn't it make sense for the professor to bought a new house in megaville??????

2) In the beach incident why is Dexter being blamed for the death of Mandark and how does Olga know that Dexter was the one who kill her brother even though he didn't. Did Olga saw what exactly happen before Mandark lab exploded outside or did Dexter told Olga what happened?????

3) Is megaville elementary school arrange to 1-12 Grade because some of cartoon characters aren't even supposed to be in elementary school. Especially Jenny. Instead they are supposed to be middle school or highschool. Despite the fact they are minor character.

4) Wouldn't it been easier for bleedman to just upload all the page with chapter once a month instead uploading a page once a week.

5) How long will you and bleedman continuing writing PPGD??? It been like 12 or 13 years. I'm surprise that the comic haven't ended yet or hasn't been around at least 70-100 chapter. Instead PPGD is now in chapter 11. Are you guys running out ideas what to write about ppgd because it doesn't take that many years to finish a comic.
BeeAre Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017   Writer
1) I was not present for the writing of Chapters 1-6 and the opening pages of The Forgotten, coming onto the comic in 2008 after its 2004 debut. Art choices during that period are entirely Bleedman's discretion in addition to the writing.

2) The beach incident involved Dexter's guilt at not saving Mandark when he realized how similar their situations were. He had opportunity to save Mandark on many levels, yet due to the emotional strain and his priorities in the vastly reduced time limit imposed by the base's self-destruction, he felt responsibility. Olga did not see Mandark's death. She only inferred correctly that he was dead, and Dexter confirmed this, by saying - as a consequence of his guilt - that he was *directly* responsible for Mandark's death.

3) Megaville Elementary is getting restructured management. Unrelated is that Jenny might not take well to the move to Megaville anyway, being a teenager looking for some form of consolidating her identity, and losing regular access to her closest friends in Tremorton.

4) Bleedman is busy with a LOT of projects, some of them other comics, some of them commission work. His full-time job is a graphic designer and artist, so he makes his living by working both Snafu Comics and private commissions. We update when we are able.

5) I do not know. We're not running out of ideas. I've had the story planned out since I joined in 2008. However, my previous answer: "we update when we are able" has downsides to it. Bleedman is very busy, and as for me? I have an incurable genetic illness that makes my decision-making slower than other people due to both medical problems, pain, and treatment options. The combination of these two unfortunate situations means that the overall output of this one comic is much slower than we'd like. We will, God willing, finish it soon, but that soon could still take years. I know that's not a very good answer, but it is the truth.

I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. :0)
kawaii-kittieblue Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the respond and I hope u feel better. I also have some other question if u don't mind answering it.

6) Why isn't Mandark shown or mention in Bell past when she was a little girl even though he happened to be part of the villain group.……

In chapter 5 pg 21

Bell seem to be a toddler and doesn't seem to be the same exact height when she interacting with Mandark.

7) We already know that Blossom is being pair up with Dexter and she isn't going up end with Brick due to color match. But what about Bubble and Buttercup who are they going to be pair with in PPGD since they aren't going to end up Butch and Boomer.

8) What Grade are the girls in megaville and how old are they?

9) Does Bell even go to school or she homeschool???? If not would she attended to Megaville due to lack of education she hasn't gotten any.

10) Will Buttercup get over her crush on Jack???

11) Will Princess Morbuck appear in PPGD if she does. Will she be working together with Bell to defeat the power puff girls.

12) Who will the RRB be pair up with since they aren't going to be pair up with the girls???

13) Who will Bell be pair up with???

14) Is the RRB consinder to be Mimi stepbrother because in PPG him has adopt the RRB as their son along with Mojo Mojo making both of them as their father????
BeeAre Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017   Writer
6) Nah, Mandark is after all this flashback stuff we're currently going over.

7) Bubbles might not get much ship-screen time. She's a precious and pure little cinnamon roll after all. There might be some hints for her in the epilogue, but I doubt it'll be very substantive. [INTENTIONAL OMISSION REGARDING OTHER NAMED CHARACTER DUE TO SPOILERS]

8) At this point? We could say they're still in fourth grade, but we could also advance the years at this point as well, maybe two years? So between 4 and 6th grade, I'd say personally, given the amount of time that has passed... "off-camera", if you follow.

9) Bell is homeschooled by her dad, of course. o_O

10) Yes.

11) I am not absolutely certain Morebucks will show up right now as anything big. She COULD have a small role to fit in a sidestory, I think, that might come into play as we near the endgame.

12) I did say that there could be one potential RrB/PpG match-up, just not color-matched. But otherwise, that would be SPOILERS, wouldn't it? >83

13) Don't know that Bell precisely needs a romantic partner for the story at this moment. It's not out of the question, but if she were to end up with someone, that's Bleedman's decision before mine: Bell's his character first, and I only write for her after making sure Bleedman is satisfied with the direction I'm taking her.

14) Grim Tales is an alternate reality that comes as a result of a "bad ending" in PpGD. So before Mimi could even be born, PpGD would have to have its villains win in some fashion. I will spoil you now and tell you that the good guys do win in PpGD, but how they do win will be interesting in its own right, because how they win will show at least part of how Grim Tales can't happen with the "good ending" we have planned. :0) So! This means the RrB's relationship to Mimi is currently a non-issue, something to be discussed out of the current canon for the story.
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Rapper1996 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Student Filmographer
Hi there.
Please sign this petition if you care about what needs to change the world.…
buzbuster Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello i have two questions

1) at the end off PPGD (i assume) do blossom and dexterrrr....? because him and blossom.... and mimiii... :iconbedcryplz: i just can't say it, sorry

2) do you have a account?
BeeAre Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017   Writer
1) Are you asking if they stay together, with all the upsides and downsides to a stable relationship? Both mental, emotional, and... physical? Because that would be spoilers, I think. ;O

2) Of course. But the account you should be watching is RuffDraft, who is my co-author on the Puff Most Epic project. He posts the written parts there, and I post art for the project here. 
buzbuster Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1) haha yep 😊

2) I'll check it out
Penomx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016
beeare pls continue the story
pls reply beeare
BeeAre Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016   Writer
We will continue.
Star20Maker Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Yo BeeAre how are you feeling.
BeeAre Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016   Writer
More health issues. I apologize. I get sick.
Star20Maker Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
No problem bro and get better!!!
MrSpartin Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sooo I just learned that you're the writer of PPGD and I've gotta say a few things. First...NICE. :iconcoopplz: Keep on rocking.
Second: Have you seen/heard the latest on Samurai Jack's return?! SO AMPED!
Last but definitely not least: So does everybody just strait up die in-universe or what? Because with the Grim Tales universe clearly taking place in a "ALL the good guys are dead!" future version/timeline of PPGD, it seems like we already know the ultimate outcome of PPGD even though it's not technically finished. Or is it one of those "split" timeline/multiverse deals? Also, hell of depressing ass ending dude; everyone dies the end.
BeeAre Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016   Writer
Grim Tales is, in my head, a "bad end" option for PpGD.
boomerlover8 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see alot of People only seem to talk to you in regards to the ppgd comic.
BeeAre Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016   Writer
I'm the writer for it, remember?
boomerlover8 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know, i ment that it doesnt seem like anybody cares about anything else on this page
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